Jay Blasi Design is a full service design company with over 10 years of experience taking projects from concept through construction.  I provide the following services to help clients achieve their dreams:
Existing Course Renovation / Restoration Planning
  • Assessment of existing conditions
  • Analysis of original design
  • Preparation of conceptual plans
  • Preparation of illustrative plans
  • Preparation of cost estimates
  • Preparation of phasing schedules
New Golf Course Feasibility Studies
  • Analysis of site and context
  • Analysis of client goals
  • Preparation of concept plans to
  • determine feasibility
  • Final report with preferred options

Sharp Park Restoration Master Plan

Preliminary Design
  • Site analysis
  • Concept land use plans
  • Preliminary routing plan
  • Preliminary grading plan
  • Preliminary cost estimates
Detailed Design (Working Drawings)
  • Route Plan
  • Staking & Clearing Plan
  • Grading Plan
  • Cut.Fill Plan
  • Conceptual Drainage Plan
  • Conceptual Pathways Plan
  • Topsoil Management Plan
  • Grassing Plan
  • Conceptual Landscape Plan
  • Construction Details
  • Construction Specifications
  • Bid Support
In-Field Design
  • Green Sketches
  • Golf Feature Sketches
  • Flagging of Clearing Limits
  • Flagging of Grassing Limits
  • Painting of Bunker Lines
  • Review and approval of all feature

Jay @ Chambers Bay working on routing refinements


Jay @ Chambers Bay contributing to the

mass earthworks review on Hole 16

Speaking Services
  • Golf course construction walk thrus
  • Grand Opening Presentations
  • Special Event Presentations
Writing Services
  • Content for website
  • Magazine articles
  • Book articles

Jay speaking @ media event
Golf Course Audits
  • Assessment of existing conditions
  • Analysis of all golf features
    (tees, greens, bunkers, etc)
  • Breakdown of sequence, length,
    elevations, and shape
Modified Use Feasibility Studies
  • Analysis of course layout and context
  • Analysis of existing land uses
  • Preparation of concept plans for
    alternative site uses
Expert Witness
  • Analysis of golf course features for legal situations